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New EP: Winter Calm

I’m releasing a new 5-track EP on February 5, 2021. The title will be Winter Calm. The new EP will be instrumental, ambient New Age music, with a soothing vibe, befitting the calm and stillness of wintertime.

Track list:

Beneath Orion’s Watchful Eye


Winter Calm


The Still Earth

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Dayton Triangles Content Moved

As of December 1, 2020 I have migrated all Dayton Triangles-related content previously housed here to the Triangles podcast website. You can now find all Triangles-related content at

Independent Releases Music

“Lights from Distant Stars” Now Streaming

My new single “Lights from Distant Stars” is now released and available to download or stream. Cover photography by Mark Casto.

This is my first release to be picked up by Pandora.

Independent Releases Music

“Lights from Distant Stars” video

The video for my new single “Lights from Distant Stars” is now online at YouTube. The single itself drops on November 20, 2020. Thanks to astrophotographer Mark Casto for providing the beautiful deep sky images to which the music is set.

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Elysium: My New Toy

I’m excited to share some info on my latest software purchase. It’s a synth from Wide Blue Sound called Elysium. This tool uses a “two layer” concept to allow you to create complex sounds with movement and rhythm. I got inspired and created a new track that’s in curation now at Pond5. I call the track “Starting Now.”


Making the Video for “Lights from Distant Stars”

The release of my next single, “Lights from Distant Stars,” is now less than three weeks away. For this single, I’m honored and excited to be releasing a video featuring the work of amateur British astrophotographer Mark Casto (a. k. a. Astrocasto). Today, I uploaded a video to YouTube that gets a little into the process I used to produce the video. I’m really stocked to share the final results with you on November 20, 2020.

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30 Second Stock Music Collection

If you’re looking for royalty-free 30-second stock music for your Instagram stories and other short form media, I’ve got you covered!

Independent Releases Music

New Release: Lights from Distant Stars

(Cover art photography by Mark Casto.)

I’m happy to announce my next release, coming out November 20, 2020. It’s an ambient track titled “Lights from Distant Stars.”

Coinciding with the single I’ll be releasing a video, and for this video I’m excited and honored to team up with a terrific amateur British astrophotographer named Mark Casto (aka Astrocasto), to feature his work alongside my music. The video will be produced in Full HD and will showcase Mark’s breathtaking photos of galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae.

I can’t wait to share the new track and video with all of you in November.

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An Earful O’ Wax: My Short, Strange Trip with Guided by Voices

A few years ago, I wrote about creating a cover version of an obscure song called “Sonny the Monster,” originally written and performed by the band Anacrusis,  which ended up as part of a box set of songs by the legendary Dayton, Ohio-based indie rock band Guided by Voices. That experience grew out of another: my brief stint as the drummer for that band in the late 1980s. Even before that, though, I had brushed elbows with the band.

Independent Releases Updates

New Single: Morning Walk In The Sunshine

My newest single “Morning Walk In The Sunshine” is out now. It’s a nice jaunty little groove with some electronics, some percussion and a little improv going on.

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