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It’s the Holiday Season!

Now that Halloween is past, it’s time to gear up for Thanksgiving and Christmas with holiday stock music. On my Pond5 artist page, I’m now featuring festive holiday tracks for all your media needs.

Stock Music Updates

New in the Stock Music Pipeline: October 29, 2021

I’ve got a new stock music item in the pipeline as of today. Word is a lot of Pond5 buyers are interested in Schlager music. For fun I put something together in that general style.

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New Stock Music, October 2021

I have some new stock music to share. For now, it’s available exclusively at Pond5. The latest music includes something contemporary, a throwback to the ragtime era and tracks for Christmas videos and holiday media projects.

Independent Releases Music

“Aloft” Now Available

My new single “Aloft” is now available to stream on your favorite service. Just search for “Thisbrucesmith” and it should be there. If you’re on YouTube or Spotify, check out the links below.

“Aloft” is my new single
“Aloft” on Spotify
Stock Music

New Stock Music: October 2021

Just dropping a note to advise that I have new stock music in the pipeline, exclusively at Pond5!

First, a new track I call “Big Plans.” It has an urban pop/rock vibe and a positive sound. It’ll be available in a full version (2:25), as well as :60, ;30, :15 edits and a six-second bumper.

Also, just in time for Christmas I have takes on two classic carols. “Away In a Manger” features a string arrangement with flute and English horn. My arrangement of “Silent Night,” by contrast, is all electronic and has an ambient feel. I’ll be posting these tracks here soon, so stay tuned.

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Holidays are Coming!

With September coming to a close, it’s time to gear up for holiday media production! Fortunately, I have music collections that are perfect for Halloween and Christmas.

This Halloween, choose a track from my collection of spooky music. From chilling drones to scary underscores and soundscapes, you’ll find the perfect underscore for your video or haunted house.

Scary music for Halloween

Just after October, it’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. My Christmas music collection features holiday classics and my top selling track “Holiday Hustle Bustle,” which captures the warmth of the holiday season with a retro touch baby boomers will love.

So don’t wait! Get your holiday media started today with my collections!

Independent Releases Music

New Track

I’m releasing a new track on October 15, 2021. The title of the track is “Aloft,” and it will be available to stream on most platforms. Check out the trailer video below, via YouTube.


First Post From Utah

My move is complete. We arrived in Utah in the middle of August and stayed in an extended stay hotel while we were apartment hunting and my wife was job hunting. We got to be here for the birth of our second granddaughter and to help out when some complications ensued. We’ve also gone up into the mountains where I’ve started testing my new video camera.

We moved into a new (literally!) apartment in the Salt Lake-Orem-Provo metro area and have begun unpacking. We’re focusing initially on the kitchen, so my music equipment is still in the morass of boxes dropped off by the movers on Tuesday. However, I did manage to set up a makeshift workspace in the spare bedroom so I could work on buying some new software and writing this note to you.

We’re hoping to have everything unpacked soon, and then I’ll be able to start working on music (and more visuals) again.

Independent Releases Music Updates

Lost Decades: The 1980s

The work of preparing our house for sale is now largely finished, so before I move west with my wonderful wife to be closer to our grandchildren, I’m taking the opportunity to release the last EP of my musical archives. This one goes back more than 30 years.

Independent Releases Music

Lost Decades: The 2010s

As a continuing part of my release of archived music, I put out another EP on Bandcamp. This one is a group of tracks I created in late 2012 and early 2013. I intended to release them formally, but never got there. One of the tracks I created during this period, “The Oceanic Feeling,” did make it to my Circadia album.

This release consists of four instrumental tracks. I went back and remixed the tracks, adding better quality piano sounds than what I had available at the time and better digital reverb. Please check it out below.