Tag: Fun

Jovial; joyful; “yay!”

Happy Go Lucky

A pleasant, bouncy tune for children’s and family-oriented media. Key is E Major. Tempo is medium-fast (89/178 bpm). Available in full, :60, :30, :15 and bumper edits. Full Version 60-Second Edit 30-Second Edit 15-Second Edit Bumper Edit

Blues Rock Intro

This is a down and dirty, bluesy intro featuring the iconic “Bo Diddley” rhythm. Great for sports, talk or similar media. Key of E-major. Tempo is medium (94 bpm). Available in :30, :15 and bumper/stinger edits. 30-Second Edit 15-Second Edit Bumper/Stinger Edit

Happy Go Lucky

Check out this pleasant, bouncy tune. Although it was originally designed for children’s and family-oriented media, you can also use it for any kind of material where you want to convey a light and slightly wistful feeling. Key is E Major. Tempo is approximately 90 bpm with a double-time feel (varies slightly by version in […]

Hard Rock Intro 1

Pump up your podcast or video with this down and dirty power rock opener. Great for sports, current events and similar content. Key of D. Tempo about 90 bpm. Available in :30, :15, bumper/stinger and loopable edits. 30-Second Edit 15-Second Edit Bumper/Stinger Edit Loopable Edit

Fun Upbeat Retro Intro

Here’s a cheeky, kitschy little opener that can be used for comedy, game show parodies or just lighthearted fun. Get a little silly. Key is D Major, Tempo is 108 bpm, played double time (feels like 216). Available in :30, :15, bumper, and loop versions. 30-Second Version 15-Second Version Bumper Version Loop Version