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New in the Stock Music Pipeline: April 29, 2022

I have a new track in the stock music pipeline. This one is spacy.

I call this track “In Awe of the Cosmos.” The title is self-explanatory if you judge by the video below.

It was simple to put this together. I started with a set of chords played on the Hyperion virtual instrument, using a patch that combines a big pad with an arpeggiated figure. On top of that, I stacked a drone-like melody line from an Alchemy patch called “Choir of the Prophets.” I topped it off with some stereo white noise washing over the whole thing at roughly eight bar intervals, and there you have it: space, the final frontier!

For the video, I sprang for some cosmic stock footage from Pond5 artists phantasmogoria and KennethKiefer. Their work adds to the atmosphere.

“In Awe of the Cosmos” is now available to license for your media projects at Pond5.


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