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Updates: May 25, 2022

I’m making some changes to my catalog of releases available on Spotify, Apple, and other streaming services.

First, I’ve stopped my subscription to DistroKid. As soon as that subscription ends, a lot of material will disappear. I may re-release some of it on Bandcamp eventually, or not. My album Circadia and my most recent single “Aloft” will remain since they were released through CDBaby.

Second, I have an album’s worth of mostly drony, very mellow music ready to release. I had thought about a compact disc release, but honestly, I don’t see the point. Therefore, I’ll be releasing the new album directly to Bandcamp soon. The title of the new album will be Infinite. It will consist of six tracks and have a total run time of around 55 minutes.

Here’s a preview of “Empyrea,” one of the tracks that will appear on the new release.


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