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New Stock Music in the Pipeline: April 25, 2022

I have yet another new stock music track waiting to be unleashed on the world. This one is moody. Read on for details on how I put it together.

The new track is titled “Bygone Days (Wistful Nostalgia).” For this one, I used a new acquisition from Spitfire Audio, their Fink — Signatures instrument. It plays a strumming acoustic guitar that underpins the track. I played the melody on my trusty Cahaya melodica. I originally used pitch correction on the melodica track, but decided that it really didn’t need it, so I took the pitch correction out of the final mix.

To fill out this arrangement, I called on another Spitfire Audio instrument, the Intimate Strings plug-in, to provide a pad on the second time through the melody. I added a fretless bass patch that came with my Acoustica Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio DAW and a little percussion, also from the DAW. As a final touch, I brought in Native Instruments’ Session Guitarist – Electric Sunburst plug-in to add some clean, picked guitar chords near the end. Here’s the result.

“Bygone Days (Wistful Nostalgia)” at SoundCloud

UPDATE: “Bygone Days (Wistful Nostalgia)” is now available for licensing at Pond5. Check it out here. (Link opens in new tab.)

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