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New Atmospheric Stock Music: “Mirage (Slow, Meditative Ambience)”

My new ambient and atmospheric stock music track “Mirage (Slow, Meditative Ambience)” is now available for your media projects.

“Mirage (Slow, Meditative Ambience – 30 Second Edit)” on YouTube

This track features a plaintive melody played on the melodica over electric piano and various pads. The dreamy delay and reverb on the melody adds to the sense of mirage. Guitar adds accents and interest. Deep drums underpin the central section of the piece, and finger cymbals shimmer throughout.

You can use this music as the backdrop for misty or desolate scenery, as well as mystery or forlorn emotion. It’s available to license in the full version. You can also license slightly less expensive edits of sixty seconds (1:00) for advertising, and thirty (:30) or fifteen (:15) seconds for social media.

By Bruce

Composer and producer of music for media and personal enjoyment. Researcher and writer. Chief cook and bottle washer.

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