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Warts And All EP Track-by-Track: Counting To A Million

The song “Counting To A Million” is the rocker of the EP. It’s also a very personal expression of acceptance and hope. When you’re in a certain place in life, like trying to overcome some obstacle or recover from an illness or addiction, it seems like the struggle will never end. In the song “If I Let It” I wrote a line “some days each minute feels like an endless climb.” “Counting To A Million” is sort of the flip side of that. It’s about learning to embrace the process and not worry so much about results.

Once I figured out the analogy of trying to survive, heal or whatever being like counting to a million, the lyrics came very quickly. The came the melody and chords. After that, it was a matter of arranging everything. I was almost finished with the recording and mixdown before I came up, as an afterthought, with the idea of counting while the song was going.

The bottom line is, this was my way of saying it’s about the process. The Eagles sang about “The Long Run,” but according to economists in the long run we’re all dead. “Counting To A Million” is all about learning to love the process of living, and re-learning that process each day if the day before got messed up. Even if you don’t know how you’ll ‘get there,’ may all your journeys be fun.

Check out this track and the other ones on the EP at my Bandcamp site. (Opens in a new tab/window.)

By Bruce

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