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Update: October 10, 2019

Last week, I wrapped up production on the passion project that has consumed my attention for the better part of a year: the podcast “Triangles: The Life and Times of an NFL Original Team.” The next to last episode in the series dropped this morning, and the series finale will release next Thursday. Please check it out at

From my perspective, this is good news and bad news. The good news is that I’m very proud of myself for having seen this through to the end. The bad news is that almost nobody listened.

Part of the problem is obviously discovery. Apple Podcasts in particular seems to have dissed me big time. “Triangles” doesn’t even appear when you search for “Dayton Triangles,” nor does it show up when you search for “NFL original team.” By contrast, a search for “Dayton Triangles” on Spotify shows both the podcast and individual episodes.

Beyond that, there just wasn’t very much interest in a podcast documenting the history of one of the first NFL teams. If you Google “dayton triangles podcast” the podcast site shows up right there on the first page. The interest simply was not there.

So, that happened.

Back To Music

Having finished producing the podcast, it’s time for me to pivot back to music. Unfortunately, I have some issues there as well. I started working on some new material, only to find that the Windows 10 Build 1903 update broke the software driver for my Korg Microkey USB keyboard.

Now, this would not normally be a showstopper. I did a search and found where Korg had indeed updated the driver. I downloaded and installed the updated driver, and . . . nothing. I did some more searching and found a YouTube tutorial describing how the Korg driver had a bug that resulted in it not properly writing to the Windows Registry. The tutorial gave steps to write the entries you needed to the registry, which I did. And some of my other stuff broke. So I had to undo what I did so my USB mic would work.

Here’s the thing. Once upon a time, I was quite the IT tinkerer. That was back in the days when Windows installations were much more risky propositions than they are in 2019. But I’m not an IT guy anymore. I’m a musician (of sorts). When it says “plug and play” I want to plug, and play. I shouldn’t have to mess around compensating for someone else’s coding failure.

I am therefore in the market for a new (non-KORG) MIDI keyboard controller. I’ll let you know what I choose in a future update.

Changes coming

In the meantime, I’m prepping a new EP from material I’ve already done. This will be a little different from my other, instrumental music. I’ll be putting on my singer-songwriter hat for this one. There will be five tracks, and I’ll have more details in another post soon.

I also plan to tinker with this site over the next few weeks, so please pardon the dust.

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