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Special Update: March 31, 2019

If you’ve read any of my past updates, you’re aware that I’ve been working on a book about the Dayton Triangles since late last fall. To recap, the Triangles were one of the original National Football League teams. I originally hoped to finish the writing and find a publisher by the 100th anniversary of the first game, which will be October 3, 2020.

However, recent events have forced a change in plans. This past week, the NFL and the Cincinnati Bengals announced plans to install a new turf field at Triangle Park to commemorate the league’s 100th season beginning this year.

Therefore, I’m announcing today that I’m beginning production of Dayton Triangles: The Life and Times of an NFL Original Team, a podcast series that will cover the period beginning with the pre-history of the team late in the first decade of the twentieth century and ending with the Triangles’ 25th anniversary in 1941.

Along the way, episodes will highlight unsung heroes, marvel at colorful characters and transport the listener back to a day when there was no Internet or television, when “cable news” came from a telegraph and football had no such thing as a “concussion protocol.” I’m hoping for a series premier is late spring of this year.

Since this project will be my primary focus for the next several months, I won’t be posting as many stock music updates for awhile. I’ll continue to feature stock music items on Twitter, in addition to updates about the new podcast series.

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