Update: Week of February 4, 2019

Punxsutawney Phil delivers! Here’s to an early spring! On we go to the Year of the Pig.

As with last week, I have no new stock music in development. I did write a new piece of music. That made me think of resurrecting the old Extasis album project that’s been in mothballs for some time. I spent some time going through some old candidate tracks. Who knows? I may yet decide to go ahead with it.

Featured Stock Music of the Week

My featured stock music item this week is Corporate Podcast Intro 11 (30 Second). It’s yet another bright and upbeat opener for business positive content, whether your target audience is consumers of businesses.

It’s also available in a :15, loop version, or your choice of two six-second bumpers (an original and alternate version). I hope you find one of them useful.

Book Project Update

I’ve completed my first round of research on the final, dreary years of the Dayton Triangles football team. I spent some time following up the post-Triangles time of player/coach/manager/owner Carl Storck, especially his brief, stormy tenure as the National Football League’s third (and final) president. I’ll finish that early this week, and then I think I’ll have the basic timeline of the story researched.

There’s one aspect of Storck’s NFL presidency I find very interesting, and I may publish a post on it this week.

The event was Bill Halloran’s controversial “no good” call on a field goal attempt that would have put the Washington Redskins into a tiebreaker game for the Eastern Division championship in 1939. Washington fans claimed that film taken of the kick showed it was actually good. It was, arguably, the birth of replay. I want to go back through the newspaper archives to get more detail before writing.

I hope you’ll look for that, and I thank you for stopping by. May your February – and Year of the Pig – be a happy and healthy one.

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