Update: Week of December 31, 2018

The first update I want to share with you is that I’ve decided to drop “what’s happening” from the title of my weekly updates and simply call them what they are: updates. That’s the first of several changes I’ll talk about in this post.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been saving stock music to drop all at once for the new year. This includes three new intros and the better part of an entire collection of music/loops for meditation and relaxation. I’ll begin submitting them to Pond5 either this evening or tomorrow.

I also plan to re-organize some of my podcast intro collections. My podcast intros and loops specifically for business will now be found exclusively in my “Corporate Podcast Intros” collection instead of my main collection of intros. Likewise, my rock intros will be only in the rock intro collection. The main collection will include things for news, politics, society and culture and novelties. I plan to complete that reorganization early in the new year as well.

Finally, I think I want to scale back or eliminate my presence on certain platforms. For example, it no longer makes any sense to me to even be present on Soundcloud. Soundcloud now appears to be a hip-hop dominated platform, and the music I do just doesn’t fit that. So I think I’ll be leaving Soundcloud early in the year. While I’ll continue to have a YouTube channel, I won’t be spending a lot of time and energy pushing it either.

Here’s the thing: I’ve come to the conclusion that these platforms are geared to people who want to become famous (and maybe rich in the process). What I want is to have my work heard and used by the people who could best benefit from it.

There’s more that I’m contemplating, but I’ll talk about it when I think the time if right.

Featured Stock Music Item

With the holidays all but over (time to pack up my little Christmas tree!) I’m resuming my regular schedule of featuring weekly stock music items. This week it’s Fun Upbeat Retro Intro (30 Second), a cheeky little number that’s perfect to introduce light content or for game show parodies.

It’s also available in :15, bumper and loopable versions, if that’s what you need.

It’s a new year, and I hope yours is fruitful.

By Bruce

Composer and producer of music for media and personal enjoyment. Researcher and writer. Chief cook and bottle washer.

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