What’s Happening: Week of November 26, 2018

I’ve been working on outlining and drafting for my Dayton Triangles book project, and if I can remember I’ll try to post a short excerpt this week to mark the anniversary of a pivotal event in the team’s pre-history. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of music to talk about.

First, I have two new items in the pipeline. The first one, which woke me before 5 AM insisting I get it down immediately, is one I call “Corporate Podcast Intro 11”. It’s pretty simple, featuring muted guitar over a beat, bass and piano/pad. It comes in :30, :15, looped, and two six-second bumper versions. Here’s a preview of the :30 version.

The other intro is “Cinematic Podcast intro 2”. This powerful opener, with horns, ostinato strings and cinematic percussion, is heavy with gravitas to introduce your news, politics or other serious content. It will be available in :30, :15 and six-second bumper/stinger versions. Here’s a sample of the :30 version

Both of these items are awaiting curation at Pond5, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they’re available to license, royalty-free. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed to find out when they’re live.

Featured Stock Music Item of the Week

In keeping with my featuring items from my Christmas music collection during the holiday season, this week my featured stock music item is “Holiday Joy”. It’s a sweet, poppy little track that’s great as a musical background for family or company Christmas party videos. It’s available in full and shorter edited versions.

That’s all I have for this week. Thanks for stopping by, and please check back here and on Twitter to keep track of future developments.

By Bruce

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