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Holiday Music

Traditional (or not so traditional) music for seasonal media

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Positive Perspective

Pleasant background music for explainers, business-friendly videos and similar content. Key: C Major. Medium tempo (100 bpm).


Inspire and motivate with this bright atmospheric track. A good choice for panoramic, travel or drone footage, too. Whatever challenge you’re meeting, or uplifting message you’re conveying. consider this your musical vehicle. Key is B Major. Tempo medium-fast (about 113 bpm).

Hyper Efficient

Support advanced technology or high-tech efficiency with this contemporary electronic track. Key is a minor. Tempo is medium-fast (approx. 120 bpm).

For The Win

Move your audience to new levels of achievement with this business positive anthem. Key of D Major. Tempo medium-fast (118 bpm).

Inspiring Podcast Intro

Bright, uplifting opener for public service, society and culture, or similar content. Key of D Major. Tempo 111 bpm. Available in :30, :15 and :06 bumper versions. 30-Second Version 15-Second Version 6-Second Bumper

City Shadows

Combining an R&B/smooth jazz vibe with moody atmosphere, this track is a good choice for noir, subdued scenes in your documentary, video or podcast. Key of e minor.Tempo about 80 bpm.

Corporate Podcast Intro 9

This big, upbeat and energetic opener is guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention and set a positive tone for business-positive podcasts or business presentations. Key is A-Major, Tempo is medium-fast (about 120-121 bpm, depending on version selected). Available in :30, :15, bumper/stinger and loop versions. 30-Second Edit 15-Second Edit Bumper/Stinger Edit Loopable Edit

Blues Rock Intro

This is a down and dirty, bluesy intro featuring the iconic “Bo Diddley” rhythm. Great for sports, talk or similar media. Key of E-major. Tempo is medium (94 bpm). Available in :30, :15 and bumper/stinger edits. 30-Second Edit 15-Second Edit Bumper/Stinger Edit

Dramatic Sorrow

This underscore featuring classical guitar and orchestra conveys plaintive or sad emotions. Key is a-flat minor. Tempo is medium-slow (about 75 bpm).

Ambient Tension Builder

Percussion, drones and noise combine to create a suspenseful atmosphere, that progresses to an epic cliffhanger ending. Available in full and stinger edits. Full Version Stinger Version