New Video from Arches National Park

Danita and I took a trip to Moab, UT over the weekend of March 4 and 5 for a tour of Arches National Park. We stayed at a motel near the park entrance and went in early Saturday morning to check it all out.

Unfortunately, it was very cloudy at the park on Saturday. To make matters worse, I found that the batteries had died on my video camera. A great reminder to make sure they’re charged before every shoot! It was still quite beautiful, but Danita and I figured we had lost the opportunity for good shots. After several hours, we went back to our motel, I recharged the batteries on my video camera, and we made plans to go on to Canyonlands National Park on Sunday before heading home.

After seeing forecasts for less-than-optimal road conditions in the Canyonlands area for Sunday, we started having second thoughts about going to a part of the park called “Island in the Sky” without really good tires! As it turns out, we woke up Sunday morning and found that the skies where we were had cleared. So, we decided to take another run at Arches. Much of the video you see above comes from Sunday. I also asked Danita to contribute a couple of still photos, since she has a zoom lens and was focused on actual arches.

Before heading home, we drove about half an hour over to Dead Horse Point State Park, where I got some video of a terrific canyon overlook just off the visitor center. Those images are near the end of the video above.

You can license the music used in this video for your own media:

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