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In the Pipeline, January 14, 2022

I’ve got a new stock music item in the pipeline at Pond5. This time around, I decided to try something a little different.

For Christmas 2020, I got a baritone ukulele that I’ve been messing around with all year. Then last Christmas (2021), my son gave me a Cahaya melodica. For those who aren’t familiar, a melodica is like a harmonica, except you press a key while blowing to get the pitch you want. This year, I decided to try working with my new “toys.”

“Say hello to my little friends!”

I decided I wanted to put together something for the coming of spring, so instead of my usual programming and quantizing I played the melodica and uke on the new track. I also played a conga patch on my old Roland HPD-15 electronic percussion instrument.

I started with a simple chord progression in G on the uke, worked out a melody on the melodica, and added other instruments. I call the result “Happy Spring Frolic.” Here’s the thirty second edit to give you a taste:

Preview: Happy Spring Frolic (30 Second Edit)

The full version clocks in at 1:30, and I’ve created sixty-, thirty- and fifteen-second edits as well. I also added a guitar patch; the uke being a little out of tune with the acoustic guitar gives the feeling of a spring carnival. This family-friendly piece will make a perfect soundtrack for a (hoped for) spring emergence from the long pandemic. Please check back for updates as to the final disposition of this track.

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