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New Stock Music Items in the Pipeline: December 6, 2021

I’ve got new stock music items in curation at Pond5. In response to a recent brief advising that buyers are looking for music that sounds like the 1980s Paisley Underground, I put together this little nugget, which I call “Message from the Paisley Underground.”

“Message from the Paisley Underground”

“Message from the Paisley Underground” (Preview)

The Paisley Underground movement hearkened back to the 1960s, with its emphasis on jangly guitars. My take on it came out a bit grungy sounding, but the spirit of the genre is intact. This track will also be available in fifteen second (:15) and thirty second (:30) edits.

While I was uploading new material to Pond5, I decided to include a couple of items from my formerly exclusive AudioJungle catalog. The items now in curation are “Ambient Lifestyle” and “Corporate Inspiration.”

“Ambient Lifestyle”

“Ambient Lifestyle” combines traditional and electronic tonal elements to provide a cool ambiance in support of contemporary lifestyle or corporate content. Here’s a preview of part of the full version.

“Ambient Lifestyle” (Preview)

Exclusively for Pond5, I’ve also created sixty second (:60), thirty second (:30), fifteen second (:15) and bumper edits.

“Corporate Inspiration”

“Corporate Inspiration” is a brisk paced, stirring corporate anthem that inspires teams to achieve and celebrates in-house heroes. Check out this preview.

“Corporate Inspiration” (Preview)

Keep an eye on this site and my social media accounts for updates on availability at Pond5.

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