Change of Plans

This morning, I clicked a button to release my collection of Lost Decades: The 2000s Volume Two. I hope you’ll check it out, along with my other stuff, at my Bandcamp page.

Over the next couple of weeks to a month, I plan to release one more collection from the “Lost Decades”: this one from the early 2010s. Once that’s done I’m planning to take some time away from producing music.

My wife and I are planning to move from Ohio to Utah to be closer to our son and his children. With that decision made, there’s a ton of stuff that needs to be done in order for the move to happen. I’ll be focusing on helping get our house ready to sell over the next few months.

Initially, when we started discussing this move, I was hesitant. Except for about five years, I’ve spent my entire life in Ohio. Once I leave, it’s unlikely that I’ll be coming back in my lifetime, at least for more than a few days at a time. As I’ve thought more about it, though, I can see new opportunities on the horizon. For one thing, Utah is home to some of the most beautiful scenery on the Earth. I’d like to take video of sites like Arches National Park and set the visuals to music. I hope I’ll have time for projects like that, since I anticipate spending a lot of time as a babysitter for my two granddaughters (one here, one on the way).

I’ll still be blogging here from time to time, so please keep an eye on this website.

By Bruce

Composer and producer of music for media and personal enjoyment. Researcher and writer. Chief cook and bottle washer.

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