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Elysium: My New Toy

I’m excited to share some info on my latest software purchase. It’s a synth from Wide Blue Sound called Elysium. This tool uses a “two layer” concept to allow you to create complex sounds with movement and rhythm. I got inspired and created a new track that’s in curation now at Pond5. I call the track “Starting Now.”

“Starting Now” uses multiple instances of Elysium to create rhythmic and atmospheric elements. Everything except the drums, bass and synth lead is Elysium. Here’s a preview of the sixty-second edit:

“Starting Now (Motivational – 60 Second Edit)”

Note that this preview is 1:01 in length, due to my adding a watermark. The version that I uploaded to Pond5 is 0:59. The track also has a full (2:29) version and :30, :15, bumper/stinger edits and a six second bumper for YouTube videos. I’ll let you know when/if it becomes available to license.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to exploring the capabilities of this exciting new tool to create some more cool tunes for you.

Update: It’s now online! Check it out at Pond5:

Full version60 Second Edit30 Second Edit
15 Second EditBumper/Stinger EditSix Second Bumper
License “Starting Now” for your next media project!

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