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Warts And All EP Track-by-Track: I Saw Godot

Obviously, this song was inspired by the Samuel Beckett play Waiting For Godot. I’ve never actually seen the play, but I have read the synopsis. It’s about two people who are waiting for someone who is never going to show up. Godot is a classic example of “theater of the absurd.” The phrase itself has worked its way into popular culture as a metaphor for waiting for something that’s never going to happen.

One day several years ago, a thought crossed my mind: what if Godot was waiting too? What if he was in the same spot as the two characters in the play? Better yet, what if someone observed Godot going through the motions of passing the time while hoping for something new to happen? That’s how “I Saw Godot” came about.

Most of the lyrics sort of fell right out as I recall, but I had to go back later and change a line. The second verse originally began “I saw Godot/He was reading the headline news/Every story on his laptop*/Just gave him the headline blues.” When I wrote “All The Super True Believers” years later I liked the line so much I used it again. Oops! So, I had to circle back and change the lyric here. I liked the “every single soul he talked to” line because it kind of indicated that other people had seen Godot, too, and didn’t much care if anyone was waiting on him or not. I thought that added to the farce.

I made a demo in 2013, and the recording you hear on the EP is basically that, but with a few changes. I tweaked the mix a bit and added some effects I didn’t have back then. I also redid the lead vocal since I changed the second verse.

The track is available in full at my Bandcamp site. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy!

*Did I mention I wrote this several years ago?

By Bruce

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