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Announcement About My Catalog

Last night, I deleted my catalog from DistroKid. If you want to download or stream tracks from the Excelsior series, Aquarian Eyes or “Snow Globe” you need to do it before they disappear. I intend to close my DistroKid account before it renews in June.

I want to clarify something here. I’m not knocking DK. If you want to release music, as much as you want, whenever you want, and have it available to download or stream on the major platforms (like Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify and Amazon) for one low annual price, it’s hard to beat DistroKid. What I found is that if you do one release or fewer per year, CDBaby is actually a better deal. This is especially true if you can catch one of their special offers.

Truth be told, I never made back my investment in DK. And with each year that passed, I felt like I was throwing good money after bad, so to speak. I saw no point in tossing more material against the wall to see if it would stick, which shifts the economics in favor of CDBaby. With them, there’s a one-time, all-in investment per release. Even if you lose, your loss is limited. No paying extra for YouTube monetization, either.

My releases through CDBaby — the album Circadia and the single “Dream Catcher” — will still be available in all the major marketplaces. I haven’t ruled out releasing new material in the future. I have the Extasis project sitting on the shelf. I also have some songs (with words, even!) that I may put out at some point.

I appreciate the opportunity my association with DistroKid afforded me to experiment. Now, though, the experiment is over.

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