Update: Week of April 22, 2019

Happy Easter, and Happy Earth Day 2019!

My Dayton Triangles podcast is coming along. I now have basically four episodes in the can. I’ve secured the domain and will prepare to roll it out beginning this week. Once that site is up and running, all my podcast updates will appear there. I’ll link to that site from here, and this site will resume its focus on music.

AS for the music, there’s nothing much new to tell. If what I hear on the Pond5 forums is accurate, stock music sales are slumping not just for me, but also for a lot of stock music producers. I’m still mulling different ideas on how to respond to that. One idea I have in mind is to start selling digital downloads on this site at a deep discount from the licensing fees on the major marketplaces.

I’ll also discontinue my association with DistroKid over the next several weeks. Nothing personal against them; I just haven’t released enough material to justify US$19.95 per year. Also if I want to have delayed releases (to give my time to promote them in advance), it’s an extra US$19.95, which at this point strikes me as throwing good money after bad.

Who knows, maybe I’ll just find something else to write, or write about. In any case, thanks for stopping by.

By Bruce

Composer and producer of music for media and personal enjoyment. Researcher and writer. Chief cook and bottle washer.

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