Update: Week of February 25, 2019

Once again this week, I’ll make it a brief update.

I uploaded a new item to the pipeline. I call it “Happy Sweet Moment,” and there are three versions: a :60, :30 and :15. No bumper for this one. Here’s a quick preview of the :30 edit.

I haven’t made a final decision yet on the Extasis project. I’d like to hear it out of several different sound sources. The speakers on my laptop are less than optimal and a couple of tracks have some distortion in one of the electric piano patches. I’d like to find out if it’s just these speakers or if I need to do something about the patch.

My featured stock music item this week is Positive Atmosphere (Full). It’s got a mellow vibe with electric guitars, bass and drums, plus a fair amount of reverb. It’s also available in :60, :30, :15 and bumper versions. Please check it out.

I’m now working on the “beta” draft of my Dayton Triangles book project. The first chapter went excruciatingly slowly because I’m setting up several threads that will eventually come together. Each of those threads has what seems like a bajillion sources attached to it, and I want to document as thoroughly as possible. So, it’s taking a while.

That, in a nutshell is what’s on my plate this week. I hope yours is a good one.

By Bruce

Composer and producer of music for media and personal enjoyment. Researcher and writer. Chief cook and bottle washer.

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