Update: Week of January 7, 2019

I’m continuing to work on the pipeline this week, with two new podcast intro items plus variations ready to go. Rather than just submitting everything as soon as it’s ready, I think I’m going to try submitting them at two to four week intervals. Maybe monthly. That way I can promote the new stuff for each month while preparing for next month. We’ll see.

I’ve also started developing a series of repetitive cues you can loop in the background of your podcasts or documentary videos. I hope to make them interesting enough to set a dramatic mood without being so interesting they interfere with the action in your media.

Meanwhile, I’m planning to make some changes for the new year. First, I’m not going to attempt anything new with AudioJungle. I’ve never been able to crack the code as to what their curators like. I’ll leave anything that’s sold up there, but whatever has not sold will be coming over to Pond5. Second, I think I’m going to declare my DistroKid experiment a failure and abandon it sometime early this year. DistroKid is great if you’re a Robert Pollard wannabe and like to put something out whenever your muse demands. Plunk down your $20 a year and fire away. But if you’re not doing more than one or two albums a year, you’re at a disadvantage. Why? In order to build traction with an audience, they have to be able to discover you. Spotify gives artists the chance to be discovered, but you have to schedule your releases in advance. To do that with DistroKid costs an additional $20 a year. And if you want YouTube monetization, that’s extra too. Bottom line: you pay almost as much as you would for a full CD Baby release.

So, at some point, I’ll be collecting the whole $1.86 I’m owed by DK and closing up shop there. I may yet release something this year, but It’ll be through CDBaby.

Featured Stock Music Item of the Week

This week’s featured stock music item is Heroic Intro 2 (30 Second). It’s big.

It’s also available in a :15 and a stinger version, in case those suit your needs better.

Dayton Triangles Book Project

I’m assembling the last of my pre-1923 notes for the ongoing Dayton Triangles book project. I hope to start later this week doing research on the final seven years of team history and also trying to fill some gaps before 1923. For the post-1923 research I’ll need to look at sources in other cities, because the press apparently stopped covering the Triangles in the final years when they lost heavily and didn’t play home games.

May your week be a melodious one.

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