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Hi there! I’m glad you made it to this new version of my website. As I write this, the site itself is under construction. Please pardon the dust.

After the news came down that Google was going to shut down Google Plus, I did some serious thinking about my existing Google (Blogger) blog that was tied into that. I uncoupled my blog from Plus and found that blog views seemed to diminish. (They’ve since come back somewhat.) I decided anyway that it was time to do something more with this site, or else let the domain lapse altogether.

In creating this site, I hope to generate enough content to make the site interesting from an SEO perspective. To that end, I’ll be adding lots of pages for my items so you can search for stock music that fits your moods here, rather than going to the marketplaces. I plan to include lots of tags for musical moods, so if you want ‘happy’ music you can click on that tag and get access to all my ‘happy’ stuff, and so on.

Meanwhile, I’m also working on a non-fiction writing project that I hope to see published in the next two years. The project is a comprehensive history of the Dayton Triangles, a professional American football team that was a founding member of the National Football League. In my initial research, I found lots of information, but I wanted to tie the threads together into a single story that stretches all the way from the first kids playing sandlot ball before 1910 to the last direct Dayton connection to the league, Carl Storck, who stayed with the league after the franchise folded and became its last president in the late 1930s. Also, I want to write about more than just the game. I want to find out about the economics of it, the media and social situations in play at the time. Finally, I want to pay tribute not only to the players and coaches, but to the unsung heroes as well.

The first game between teams in the National Football League was played within walking distance of my childhood home, and I didn’t realize it for many years. Now I want to try to tell the story of that history, a sort of love letter to my hometown. I haven’t talked about it much up to now, but with this site I hope to be able to tell more of the story of that work in progress in addition to my music. I hope you’ll stay around for the ride.

By Bruce

Composer and producer of music for media and personal enjoyment. Researcher and writer. Chief cook and bottle washer.

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